V6 Multimedia Tool Suite Users Guide

V6 Queue and Previewer

The V6-Q window is the core of the application and is the first window to open. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu or drag-and-drop media files into the V6-Q Media Pool to work with.  Drag-and-drop between windows is also supported for most module view panels and text fields

Use the white transport buttons at the bottom of the interface to audition all of the clips in the Media Pool in sequence – previews will play directly in the main interface viewer. Use the blue transport button to play clips individually. Works with video or audio (even iTunes music)

You can also save any collection of clips in the Media Pool to a playlist for future recall – Playlist Load and Save functions are available via the right-click menu

Once your media clips have been imported, you can also select a tool to work with from the right-click main menu – (Tools can also be selected without importing clips into the Media Pool)

Use the circular roll-up icon at the top of a tool to roll up the interface for minimal desktop space 


Current V6 tools include: (click on a link below to view the selected tool guide)

  • Media Command Builder – for use with ffmpeg for media conversions (ffmpeg not included)
  • Player / Trimmer – select portions of video clips for conversion to save disc space and render time. Also creates subtitles (.srt format) and will output to standard EDL for use in other professional applications
  • File renaming utility – give your clips meaningful names using date / time stamps, simple numeric sequences or customized prefixes
  • Video Inspector– for comparing source and converted video clips with side-by-side views and dual color-picker for comparing RGB and HSL color values. Also generates SSIM and PSNG metrics for automatic comparisons
  • Exif Report Tool – generates detailed reports based on media clip Exif data and creates an html-based report view-able in any web browser
  • Audio and Surround Tool – trim audio files to specific length, create 5.1 surround channels from stereo and create AC3, DTS and WAV format 5.1 surround sound clips
  • Media Merge Tool – merge audio and video into a new video
  • Metadata and Album Art Tool – for creating mp3 or m4v audio with embedded metadata and artwork
  • Audio VU Meters – for monitoring audio playback with peak hold and adjustable threshold peak meters
  • NEW! MySQL Query Tool – provides a simplified interface for examining MySQL data captured during media conversion sessions or when building Exif Data Reports

V6 is also MySQL-enabled and can record all Exif Report data and conversions data for use with standard MySQL query tools

You can access both general Clip Information and Exif data of clips in the Media Pool by right-clicking and selecting either “Clip Info” or “Exif Data”

Clip information is also shown in the main interface preview panel

When the Media Command Builder or the Exif Report tools are active, the blue lock icon in the preview panel will show locked – the Media Pool and certain tools are not available at this time to prevent interference with the currently running process. You can open a new instance of V6 and load the Media Pool with another selection of clips to work with – all the V6 tools will be available to the new session




Right-click to open the Preferences window.

Here you can setup BluRay and AVCHD disc image parameters, multi-channel audio conversion parameters (for use with the Media Command Builder), access to the logs and log directory, subtitle burning parameters, player preferred audio language and subtitles language, image capture format (for use with the Player / Trimmer) and Copyright metadata

The V6-Q interface is fully sizable and the minimize button will send V6 to the system tray. Right-click the icon to access the full main menu. Double-click the icon to return V6 to the screen

V6 Resized