MySQL Query Tool


The new MySQL Query Tool provides a convenient method for examining data stored in the V6 MySQL database tables (if enabled)

The V6 Media Command Builder conversion module and the Exif Report module are MySQL database enabled to provide an automated method of tracking media conversion parameters and  recording Exif Report data for later recall

Use the MySQL button in the Media Command Builder or Exif Report Tool interface to login to your MySQL database and begin recording data for that session

(See this page for how to easily build your own MySQL database)

Once you have captured data into the database, you can use the MySQL Query Tool to extract either all of the data recorded into a table, or to create custom queries for examining very specific data such as session date, codecs used, timecode, formats, framerate, resolution, camera make and model, fstop, shutter speed, iso, etc. – basically any parameter that is setup is captured

The Query Tool provides a series of check boxes and text fields for selecting each parameter recorded to the database to simplify the query building process and wildcards can be used (% for example) to broaden the query scope