Music – My First Life

I began playing music when I was 4 years old. I picked up a guitar with only one string and within a few minutes was playing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”

Fife and Drum music fascinated me Рand a newly-established Westbrook CT Juniors Fife and Drum Corps had excellent fife and drum teachers right in my home town. I started with the Juniors in 1959 and marched with them for several years. I was by far the smallest kid playing rudimentary fife and drum at the time, and enjoyed playing Revolutionary  Period tunes for many years

While I was playing with the drum corps I was also playing the guitar and organ. My father was a Wurlitzer fanatic and had several record albums of such music (I hated that music!) – but never played a single note in his life. He was an electronics engineer – but enjoyed building electronic kits – so he built an organ for my mother (who had piano lessons as a child). I do not think he ever expected to hear In A Godda Davida on that organ though (but I rocked it!)

He also built me a guitar amp for the electric guitar they gave me for Christmas. The next year I got a full drum set. I drove my parents nuts for years! If nothing else, I play loud!

The fiddle caught my attention when I was in my mid-twenties – and is still my favorite instrument.

The flute came along a little later – but with years of fife playing it was just a question of learning the different fingering of the keys. I became a slave to Tull tunes when playing live ; )

I really like the cello but have not been able to own one for long. I played for a couple of years while I could but have not had a cello for several years now. Maybe in the near future…

So here is a short selection of tunes that I recorded and mastered, composed (with the exception of Old Tennessee written by Dan Fogelberg) and performed all instrument parts including;

Acoustic and Electric guitars – Electric Bass guitar – Mandolin – Keyboards – Violin – Cello – Saxophone – Flute – Drums

Recorded in Westbrook CT

I also spent some time playing with a 2 man band called Mr. Ed and the Horses. I was the horses. I played acoustic guitar, bass, drums and cello along with Ed Zaretskiy in Seymour CT for a few years. Check out his website for a great photo (I’m the guy with the guitar) and a few of the tunes we did together. Ed composed the tracks and I provided the arrangements – it was good fun to play!