File Renaming Tool


The V6-Q provides an easy way to give your media files meaningful and unique names

To begin, load a batch of media clips into the main V6-Q Media Pool for renaming – all clips in the Media Pool will be renamed. Click the “Rename Files” button at the bottom of the V6-Q interface to open the renaming panel

Check Drop Filename to totally rename your clips and remove the original filename. If not checked the original filename will be added to by subsequent naming options

Use Add Timestamp and the drop-down to choose a Timestamp Format to use as the filename – Dali CRC will use the file creation time for each clip as the basis for the new filenames

Use Simple Reseq to set a new numbered sequence starting at the number you enter – NOTE: Number sequences cannot begin with zero

Use Add Prefix to add a custom prefix to existing filenames or timestamp / number sequences with dropped filenames for better filename clarity

V6 and all other software is written, maintained and supported by Wayne R Norton