ffmpeg.exe not found

To avoid possible licensing issues , neither V6 nor VMac directly perform any video conversions and neither distribution contains ffmpeg.

The Media Command Builder and VMac both simply build a command-line for ffmpeg

To use the Media Command Builder and audio tools for conversions you will need to download and install ffmpeg.exe to your system PATH – or copy directly to the V6 application directory

NOTICE! V6 is now a 64-bit application. If you have installed previous versions of V6 you will need to re-install ffmpeg.exe into the new application directory located at C:\Program Files\Wayne R Norton\V6

(Previous application directory location was C:\Program Files (x86)\Wayne R Norton\V6)

You may need to manually uninstall versions earlier than 6.2.00 (although leaving earlier versions installed poses no problem)

The new version of V6 also allows you to set the directory location of ffmpeg.exe (right-click and select Preferences) – this makes experimenting with multiple versions of ffmpeg a snap

Zeranoe is a good place to get a current Windows build of ffmpeg – https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/