V7 – End of the line

V7 is the last of a long line of tools designed to augment audio / video workflows in a professional environment. Designed for high fidelity color accurate video conversions, basic editing and color corrections functions and detailed Exif quality reports – all driven by the industry standard ffmpeg

V7 works similarly to V6 but is streamlined for conversions, simple editing and subtitle generation

V7 is also designed to run on a wide variety of PC systems and will work even with modest resources – the more powerful the system the better the performance. V7 has several improvements to V6 and has been updated to provided better functionality on an array of setups

The ability to rotate video and images has been added to provide simple landscape to portrait conversion for 9×16 aspect ratios


V7 is designed to run on 64-bit Windows systems only!

  • Video Player / Trimmer – select portions of video clips for conversion to save disc space and render time. Also creates subtitles (.srt format) and will output to standard EDL for use in other professional applications. The new player also provides basic color controls with the ability to commit color modifications to the render batch
  • Exif Report Tool – generates detailed reports based on media clip Exif data and creates an html-based report view-able in any web browser
  • Automated media conversions via pre-selected watch directory


Download V7 here!

V7 and all other hdcinematics.com software is written, maintained and supported by Wayne R Norton

.NET 3.5 Missing – Windows 10

.NET 3.5 Framework

The latest versions of Windows do not ship with the .NET Framework version 3.5 required to run hdcinematics.com applications. Should you receive an missing .NET 3.5 Framework error try this:

Open Control Panel and Programs and Features – at the top left, click on “Turn Windows features on or off”

In the dialog box that appears, check the entry for .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0)

Hit OK and let Windows do its thing – once installed your applications should be ready to run

ffmpeg.exe not found

To avoid possible licensing issues , neither V6 nor VMac directly perform any video conversions and neither distribution contains ffmpeg.

The Media Command Builder and VMac both simply build a command-line for ffmpeg

To use the Media Command Builder and audio tools for conversions you will need to download and install ffmpeg.exe to your system PATH – or copy directly to the V6 application directory

NOTICE! V6 is now a 64-bit application. If you have installed previous versions of V6 you will need to re-install ffmpeg.exe into the new application directory located at C:\Program Files\Wayne R Norton\V6

(Previous application directory location was C:\Program Files (x86)\Wayne R Norton\V6)

You may need to manually uninstall versions earlier than 6.2.00 (although leaving earlier versions installed poses no problem)

The new version of V6 also allows you to set the directory location of ffmpeg.exe (right-click and select Preferences) – this makes experimenting with multiple versions of ffmpeg a snap

Zeranoe is a good place to get a current Windows build of ffmpeg – https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/