Common problems and cures

NOTICE: HDCinematics applications are designed to run on Windows systems only!


Installation problems

Should you be presented with a corrupt cab file error or see a message similar to the image on the right >

this indicates that the application did not download completely

Please try downloading the application again and retry the installation


.NET 3.5 Framework

The latest versions of Windows do not ship with the .NET Framework version 3.5 required to run the hdcinematics.com applications. Should you receive an missing .NET 3.5 Framework error try this:

Open Control Panel and Programs and Features - at the top left, click on "Turn Windows features on or off"

In the dialog box that appears, check the entry for .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0)

Hit OK and let Windows do its thing - once installed your applications should be ready to run


cab file error

Problems starting an application or when opening the Performance Monitor

Dali's Mustache makes use of built-in Windows system performance counters.

Occasionally these counters will require rebuilding when certain hardware drivers are updated, and the following error will occur:

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem name: CLR20r3
Problem signature 01: convert-v4.exe
Problem signature 02:
Problem signature 03: 5411da40
Problem signature 04: mscorlib
Problem signature 05:
Problem signature 06: 53a11de1
Problem signature 07: c46
Problem signature 08: 3
Problem signature 09: System.FormatException


Try this:

Open a command prompt (Start / run / cmd) and type into the DOS window;

lodctr /R ...with a space before /R - and hit enter. It may take a moment to

rebuild the performance counters - then you should see Info: Successfully

rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store

Once finished close the DOS window and try to run Convert V4 again


.NET 3.5



Problems with setting not being retained

If you have "Retain Session Settings" checked in the Dali Convert Preferences, and some or all of your setting - including license keys - do not "stick" when you re-open Dali's Mustache, please download the ReGlue tool on my Google Drive

Once downloaded, simply unzip to a location of your choice and run reglue.exe

You will see a choice of applications to reset - once selected, click the "Reset Stored Variables" button to reset to original installation

You may want to copy and paste your V4 license key before resetting variables - you will need to re-apply your license key once the reset has been performed

Convert V4 should now remember all the settings


Problems with converting image sequences

The major cause of image conversion failures if due to filename issues

image filenames must not contain spaces or 'illegal' characters - and must be sortable by Windows in order (so cannot be numbered such as "1.tif" as Windows will not sort properly. It is best to have at least 4 digits in the sequence filenames)

When installed on a shared system, the installer should be run directly by the system Administrator, and should be installed "For all users" to ensure proper permissions



hdcinematics.com applications are provided as-is and have limited support. If you experience problems please visit the Support Page and describe the problem and your usage. These software applications are not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.