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FrameCatcher - Render ProRes Directly From Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro


FrameCatcher is a GUI front-end command-line generator for ffmpeg - created to simplify the use of a frameserver to render to non-native codecs (for example rendering ProRes from Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro on Windows) and designed to work easily with AviSynth and a frameserver such as DebugMode FrameServer

FrameCatcher is a lightweight application that can run on most any hardware - requires no license and is free to use for any purpose

Check out the FrameCatcher home page for downloads and more info


VizDiff - See the quality of your conversions


VizDiff is a simple but unique application designed to visually represent the quality of your video conversions. Simply drag-and-drop a source clip into the clip1 panel, then drag-and-drop a video conversion from that clip into the clip2 panel and "compare!"

VizDiff then processes the two clips and creates an A-B mix from both. When you establish a 50/50 mix of any original digital signal with a negative image of the same signal - the resulting visual differences are the errors generated by the conversion encoding. A blank image with no notable visual differences indicates a very high degree of quality and accuracy in the process

Check out the VizDiff home page for downloads and more info


These utilities are provided as-is and have limited support. If you experience problems please send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage. These software applications are not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.