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Dali Convert is designed to work with anamorphic footage!


The Big Squeeze

Working with anamorphic lenses and adapters can be challenging - from viewing to editing to grading, the anamorphic squeeze must be considered and dealt with

Dali Convert makes working with anamorphic footage a snap! From fast wraps for immediate viewing to complex conversions with 3D LUTs or Photoshop Curves applied, PTS speed change functions and audio codec selections, V4 can take the heavy lifting out of the anamorphic process!

Mix in your non-anamorphic clips also by using the matching V4 Crop ratios - all output clips will be the same geometry and aspect ratio - ready to drop on a timeline!


Fast wraps with aspect ratio correction

Perhaps the fastest method of getting anamorphic clips ready-to-view in QuickTime Player, MPV or VLC with corrected aspect ratio - simply select "Wrap to MOV" from the Dali Convert codec drop-down and choose the correct aspect ratio for your clips

These clips may not display correctly (with the aspect correction) in your editing or grading application. In these cases you will need to convert


Conversion with aspect ratio correction

When you do need to convert video formats, the best way to setup anamorphic conversions in Dali Convert is by setting both the aspect ratio format and by re-scaling the clip to the appropriate frame size for the anamorphic format such as

1.85:1 = 1920x1038 - 3840x2076

1.896:1 = 1920x1013 - 3940x2025

2.35:1 = 1920x818 - 3840x1634

2.36:1 = 1920x814 - 3840x1628 - for SLR Magic & other 1.33x adapters

2.39:1 = 1920x804 - 3840x1608


anamorphic setupDali Convert Anamorphic Setup

This method will eliminate the black borders at the top and bottom of your converted footage. Setup your editing or grading project to render the output at the same size as your clips - slice and dice and flavor to taste. When the final output is rendered the frame size will be the full anamorphic frame with no borders

Resolve Setup

Project setup for 2.36:1 anamorphic clips in DaVinci Resolve