Render ProRes from Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas

FrameCatcher is a GUI front-end command-line generator for ffmpeg - created to simplify the use of a frameserver to render to non-native codecs (for example rendering ProRes from Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro on Windows) and designed to work easily with AviSynth and a frameserver such as DebugMode FrameServer


FrameCatcher requires both AviSynth and a frameserver to function. Download 32-bit AviSynth from the official AviSynth SourceForge page and install - simply accept the default installation parameters. Be sure to select from the "Latest official release"



For Adobe Premiere Pro versions CS5, CS5.5 & CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro

(Use Advanced FrameServer for Adobe Premiere Pro CC versions)


The easiest way to setup a frameserver is to download DebugMode Frameserver from the official DebugMode GitHub Repository - click "Clone or download" then select "Download ZIP"
Once downloaded, extract the zip file to your Desktop or other convenient location. Once extracted - simply run the file fssetup-2.14.exe (for Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro to version 12), or fssetup_vegas13.exe for Vegas Pro 13 and later. Accept the default installation parameters

FrameCatcher has also been tested with Advanced FrameServer and Premiere Pro CC

To use, download from the official Advanced FrameServer SourceForge page and install - accepting the default installation parameters. (The page is in Russian but Google provides a good translation) - once installed it is ready to use

Install FrameCatcher if you have not already done so.
Now to make it all work together!


FrameCatcher has been tested with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Sony Vegas Pro 12 but should work with any NLE application that can host a frameserver

Open your video editor, create a project and edit as usual. When ready to render your movie, select "DebugMode FrameServer" as the output format

Start FrameCatcher and setup the desired render parameters, codec, bitrate, profile, etc. Add copyright info if required.

NOTE - it is important that the target directory and name of the file to be rendered by the NLE match the "frameserver file" file name and the target directory selected in FrameCatcher

file name field
file name field

You can change the name of the frameserver file by entering a new name

in the text field

NOTE: Be sure that the directory selected in FrameCatcher is the same directory that was setup for the frameserver output (in the Premiere or Vegas export)!

From the NLE, start the export.
The DebugMode FrameServer window should appear - (if using Advanced FrameServer there are no additional dialog windows)


Ensure the Video Output selection is YUY2 (the default) and click "Next"

You should see the next DebugMode window within a few seconds


When using Advanced FrameServer the frameserver begins running when you begin the export - with no additional information or settings.

The frameserver is now running and waiting for FrameCatcher to start rendering

Recheck your setup in FrameCatcher and when ready click "render frames"


As a render progresses, the message << PROCESSING >> will flash and status info will appear at the bottom of the interface. Once the render completes the status will show "Done!"

Once FrameCatcher has completed the render, you can then return to the Debug Mode FrameServer window and click "Stop Serving"

The DebugMode FrameServer window will close and the NLE render window will close, returning control back to the NLE

The Advanced FrameServer provides no dialog windows so simply close the Premiere render window to return control back to the NLE

You can close FrameCatcher or leave it open for the next render.


Click the red labels at the top of the interface to select render codecs and available options from drop-down menus. Additional options will appear for certain codec selections with drop-down menus specific to that selection

top row buttons


Extended control is available for the H.264 codec selection via the profile button - select from main, high, high 4:2:2, high 4:4:4 or baseline.

Render quality control is available for H.264, H.265 and MP4 codec options

1 = highest quality

ProRes options are also selected via the profile label.

FrameCatcher has been designed to provide color-accurate renders from YUV-sourced frameservers. Command-lines have been specifically tailored to virtually eliminate color or luma range shifts

Oh, and did I mention that it is free to use for any purpose - private or commercial!

Download now!


FrameCatcher is provided as-is and has limited support. If you experience problems please send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage. This software application is not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.


Copyright © 2016 - W. Norton