V6 Trimmer

The V6 Trimmer module was designed to make selective cuts in video clips before batch conversion – reducing compute time and disk storage needs

The V6 Trimmer is a QuickTime-based video player control that provides a method of monitoring timecode and marking in and out points throughout the clip currently playing. Selections are then appended to a shot list one-at-a-time until ready to be saved to either a Simple EDL (.sedl) for import into Dali Convert, or alternately saved to a standard CMX3600 EDL for use in pro editing applications such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer


The V6 Trimmer requires QuickTime – get the latest version here

Load your media files for trimming into the V6-Q Media Pool – use the right-click context-sensitive menu to import media


Select a clip for trimming in the V6-Q Media Pool then click the “Pre-Edit Trimmer” button to open selected clip in the Trimmer



The V6 Trimmer controls are much like any other player with play, stop, frame reverse and frame forward along with in and out mark buttons

The idea is to select portions of each clip that you want to work with – and then convert only those portions rather than convert entire clips. This can save an incredible amount of computer render time – and in the case of high-bitrate codecs can save a huge amount of disk space. You trim your clips and save the selections to either simple SEDL (for direct import to Dali Convert for conversion), or to industry-standard CMX3600 EDL for import into pro NLE or color grading applications

Marked regions are shown by [ and ] marks that identify the range selected
Click either mark to move directly to that point


The shot list contains entries of all the clips and the in / out ranges along with timecode information for exporting to EDL. To work with Dali Convert it is necessary to export to S-EDL. You can then import that S-EDL into Dali Convert, select the conversion of choice and batch-convert the selected ranges from each clip. Dali Convert cannot import standard EDLs

You can remove individual entries from the shot list at any time
Use the right-click menu to remove selections, save to S-EDL or EDL and clear the shot list for a new EDL

As you mark in / out regions, use the [ Add To Shotlist ] buttons to record your selection to the shot list. Every new set of in / out marks is appended to the shot list, as well as the Preview List panel located on the right-hand side of the main interface. Double-click an entry in the Preview List Panel to open the selected region in the Preview player to view the marked region end-to-end

You can also record multiple cuts from a single clip into the shot list or mark several clips for a large batch conversion in a single shot list. Once completed you can save the shot list to SEDL for use in Dali Convert or EDL


Click the Subtitle button to open the Title tool

Mark the in and out points for the subtitle in the same way as with the EDL function, enter the subtitle text for that region and either hit Enter or click the “Commit Subtitle” button to commit the subtitle to the SRT tool

SRT Tool

Setup the directory for saving SRT files to by clicking the text field at the bottom of the Titler tool. SRT files will be saved with the same name as the source clip with the added file extension .srt

This directory will also be save in the V6 Preferences – when the Media Command Builder locates an SRT file with the same name as a file in the Media Pool (to be converted), it will automatically render the subtitles for that clip using the font and color setup in the Preferences (if Render subtitles if matching srt file is present is checked)