UPDATE! White Dash Professional Video Player Version 3.1.00

White Dash Professional Video Player

The new White Dash Player / Trimmer is a professional hardware-accelerated player application that tracks running timecode and was designed to  make selective cuts when working with the new Panasonic GH5 6K photo mode and other 4K (and beyond) video clips before batch conversion

This idea is to select in and out points to mark the region you want to render – when saved to an SEDL file can be loaded back into the V6 Main Queue and converted using the Media Command Builder

Cuts can also be saved to a standard EDL for use with other professional applications

White Dash is now capable of selecting either direct3d or openGL video output drivers – use direct3d when working exclusively with Rec 709 material and select openGL for use with full-range material. Once a driver is selected use the included monitor calibration patterns to calibrate your system for the most accurate color and luma representation

White Dash is based on the MPV command-line media player and can import most video and audio formats including XAVC and MXF and will leverage any GPU available

White Dash can be operated by keyboard commands and now can operate in Full Frame Interface mode for viewing without the transport controls

Download White Dash Here!