VMac – Media conversions for OS X


VMac for OS X is a simple yet powerful video converter which can import most any format and will convert to:

  • H.264 – main, high, high422 & high444 profiles
  • ProRes– LT, STD, HQ & 444 plus proxy format
  • DNxHR – LB, SQ, HQ & 444
  • MJPEG – 28Mb, 50Mb, 100Mb & 220Mb
  • PNG 24-bit Image Sequences
  • DPX 30-bit Image Sequences
  • TIF 48-bit Image Sequences

Download VMac here!

V6 – the next generation of media tools

The V6-Q window is the core of the application – right-click to open the context-sensitive menu or drag-and-drop media files into the V6-Q Media Pool to work with.  Drag-and-drop between windows is supported for most module view panels and text fields

Use the transport buttons at the bottom to play all of the clips in the Media Pool with MPV player in sequence – use the faster / slower buttons to speed or slow playback of audio files. Double-click any clip in the Media Pool to play that clip alone. Works with video or audio (even iTunes music)

Set the MPV player location and size in the Preferences

You can also save any collection of clips in the Media Pool to a playlist for future operations – Load and Save functions available via the right-click menu

Once your media clips have been imported, select a tool to work with from the buttons located at the bottom of the V6-Q interface, or from the right-click main menu

Current V6 utilities include:

  • Media Command Builder – for use with ffmpeg for media conversions (not included)
  • Pre-Edit Trimmer – select portions of video clips for conversion to save disc space and render time. Also creates subtitles (.srt format) and will output to standard EDL for use in other professional applications
  • File renaming utility – give your clips meaningful names using date / time stamps, simple numeric sequences or customized prefixes
  • Video Scopes – for quick and accurate checks of video clips
  • Comparison Tool – for comparing source and converted video clips with side-by-side views and dual color-picker for comparing RGB and HSL color values. Also generates SSIM and PSNG metrics for automatic comparisons
  • Exif Report Tool – generates detailed reports based on media clip Exif data and creates an html-based report view-able in any web browser
  • Audio and Surround Tool – trim audio files to specific length, create 5.1 surround channels from stereo and create AC3, DTS and WAV format 5.1 surround sound clips
  • Media Merge Tool – merge audio and video into a new video
  • Metadata and Album Art Tool – for creating mp3 or m4v audio with embedded metadata and artwork
  • Audio VU Meters – for monitoring audio playback with peak hold and adjustable threshold peak meters
  • NEW! MySQL Query Tool – provides a simplified interface for examining MySQL data captured during media conversion sessions or when building Exif Data Reports

V6 is also MySQL-enabled and can record all Exif Report data and conversions data for use with standard MySQL query tools

Download V6 here!

V6 and all other hdcinematics.com software is written, maintained and supported by Wayne R Norton

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Welcome to the collective works of Wayne R Norton – HDCINEMATICS.COM!

Home to the latest iteration of the Convert V-Series – V6!

Check out the software, listen to some music, view some user guides and html reports then make your own video masterpiece!


Need Your Help!



The new V6 application is the culmination of several years and thousands of hours of work. It has become a very serious and professional tool and is used by many production and post-production houses world-wide. Earlier releases (Convert V2, V3, V4, Dali’s Mustache) required the purchase of a license key in order to unlock the full potential of the application.

V6 no longer has a license requirement and has been released as free for any use. However, my personal health is on the rapid decline and I can no longer work a regular job as a result – so I am depending on donations from users who are downloading and using the application.

If you use my applications or would like to see features added, please consider making a donation – it will ensure continued development (and help keep me alive!)


ffmpeg.exe not found

To avoid possible licensing issues , neither V6 nor VMac perform any video conversions or rendering and both are distributed without ffmpeg – the Media Command Builder simply builds a command-line

If you would like to use the Media Command Builder and the audio tools for conversions or rendering new files you will need to download and install ffmpeg.exe onto your system PATH – or copy directly to the V6 application directory

Zeranoe is a good place to get a current Windows build of ffmpeg – https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/