AWPro Tool Suite


AWPro Tool Suite


Due to increasing costs of producing production-level software coupled

with serious web-hosting problems I have discontinued the AWPro suite

of tools for free download.


The next-generation of video tools are now hosted at http://cliptoolz.com


ClipToolz Convert - logical successor to AWPro Client

Key Features

  • Fully automated, high quality video conversions

  • Fully automated DPX and TIFF image sequence conversions

  • Add audio track to image sequences

  • Conform framerate for slow motion from 60/50fps source

  • Add interlace function

  • Histogram for on-location spot exposure checks

  • Thumbnail of each clip and quick preview available

  • Resolution, frame rate, interlaced / progressive flags, file size and duration all visible in media pool

  • Scale output to any size (within codec constraints)

  • Clip archiving functions for up to 3 backups with basic verify

  • Easily select archive directory structure

  • Fast-offload of archiving operations for quick media rotation

  • Renaming section for managing clip filenames

  • Adds derived timecode and metadata to conversions to clips without embedded timecode

  • Detects existing timecode in clips including Sony, Canon and Panasonic Pro AVCHD systems

  • Support for Canon C-Series MXF format

  • Support for BlackMagic HyperDeck

  • Support for GoPro with mono audio track (and others)

  • Creates 1/2 resolution lower bitrate proxies

  • Easily setup large-scale batch conversions by drag-and-drop

  • View detailed clip media info via right-click

  • Monitor job status in realtime (local processing)

  • Track conversions in application logs

  • Run conversions on local PC or send to ClipToolz Server

  • Converts .mts, .m2t, .m2ts, .mp4, .avi, .mxf & .mov

  • Optimized for speedconvert!


For more information and to check out the free ClipToolz Color and ClipToolz RAW