November 20, 2017 - IMPORTANT NOTICE!

Dali's Mustache and VMac will no longer be available after 11/21/2017

due to codec licensing issues!

A new software suite will be available soon - please check back often!

I am available for custom interface design and application development

Please email wnorton@hdcinematics.com for information

Thanks to all loyal users and supporters - it was fun while it lasted! ; )

November 20, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.44 released!

Maintenance update

Fixed issues with Dali CRC renaming function

Added fix for MP4, H.264 and H.265 conversion failures due to missing AAC bitrate

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

November 9, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.43 released!

Maintenance update

Removed un-needed component from installer that could trigger anti-virus alerts

Fixed issue with Dali Compare video format display

Several UI tweaks

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

November 8, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.42 released!

Minor update

Added new bitrate options to the MP4 HQ codec selection or web and production

Added streaming tags to H.264 conversions for YouTube or Vimeo customized output

Several UI tweaks

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

November 7, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.41 released!

Minor update

Added ability to render previews from Dali Convert - set the number of frames to render


preview frames


Added fix for directory view crashing when no directory selected

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

November 6, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.40 released!

Pretty big update!

Added new Media Quality Tool to Dali Convert - automated testing of media quality controlled by user created test templates


Test Panel


Creates HTML report for each clip in the Dali Convert Media Pool


HTML Report


Added ProRes quality control for output bitrate, file size and conversion speed

Dali Convert - optimized import to Media Pool

Added new tools to main selector interface - Dali-Q and Metadata & Artwork Tool




Dali-Q is a simple tool for queuing medi files of any time for playback in playlist form

Includes new VU Meters with peak indicators for tracking volume levels in a media clip


VU meters


Also includes a Media Report and Audio Waveform tool for visualizing audio quality


Metadata and Artwork Tool will create .m4a or .mp3 audio files from most audio formats with embedded metadata and album art


Metadata and Album Artwork Tool

October 31, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.31 released!

Maintenance update

Added fix for Dali Convert previews crashing

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

October 30, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.30 released!


Big update!

Dali COnvert UI

Dali Convert UI update

Updated H.264 options panel - added "Highest Quality and Compression" option for best quality and reasonable file size


H264 Panel


Added render view for thumbnail in Dali Convert - monitor render progress

Added disc space check to kill batch job if hard drive gets full

Simplified and update FPS and Speed controls


October 20, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.20 released!


Video Scopes

Big update!

Dali Video Scopes UI update

Fixed Video Scopes problem with loading 3D LUTS on non-boot drives

Dali Trimmer UI update and general UI fixes


Titler Tool


NEW! Added Subtitle tool to Dali Trimmer - now create SRT subtitles as easily as creating an EDL!

Added subtitle render module to Dali Convert - when creating subtitles with Dali Trimmer

SRT subtitle files are stored so that Dali Convert will automatically render subtitles if an SRT file

with a matching name as the clip in the Convert Media Pool


Dali COnvert Preferences


SRT file directory can be setup either in the Dali Trimmer Titler tool or in Dali Convert

under Preferences. Subtitle font, size and color may also bet set in Preferences

Added MP3 audio option to Dali Convert

Updated 5.1 Surround Sound tool UI with bug fixes and performance enhancements

Updated Media Merge Tool UI with bug fixes and performance enhancements

Updated Dali Trimmer UI with bug fixes and performance enhancements

Recreated Image Grinder codec selection for creating glitch art

Added License Key dialog to the main Dali's Mustache interface

Added drag-and-drop of files from Media Pools and thumbnail views in most interfaces - control-click and drag to copy file in view to new location

October 11, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.15 released!

Minor update

Added option for turning performance meters in main UI on or off

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

October 11, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.14 released!

Maintenance update

Added fix for Windows 7 systems with performance counter issues preventing Dali's Mustache from opening

Added VP9 WEBM codec selection

Added fix for Dali Trimmer missing volume control image

Misc bug fixes and general enhancements

October 9, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.13 released!

Maintenance update

Added fix for DPX sequence failures when source clip contains full range data

Small UI adjustments and fixes

October 7, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.12 released!

Dali Convert Audio Tools update

Added better support for multi-channel audio tracks

Added multi-channel capability for most codecs

Added full range codec indicator to the left of the Video Codec label - lights up blue when output codec supplies full range tags

Added fix for directory chooser not expanding to previously selected directory

Added fix for Directory Watch starting when no watch directory is defined

Added new Presets button to main UI for easier access to web presets

Added visual indicator of selected output directory disc space - color coded depending on free space

Modified Performance Monitor for easier viewing

Several UI improvements and bug fixes

October 3, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.11 released!

Maintenance update

Added fix for 3D LUTs not working when located on other than the boot drive

Added vertical only option to Gaussian Blur to help reduce moire or for general softening of the image

October 1, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.10 released!

Maintenance update

Added fix for license key not accepted error on new AMD systems

Added Render to .avi option for available codecs

September 28, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.5.00 released!

Major Update!

New Main Session Selection UI now located at top of screen for launching multiple sessions easily

Mouse over each icon for a description of the linked application

New Dali UI

Added window rollup feature to all Dali modules - now roll any window up to take up minimal desktop space!


roller icon


Just click the rollup icon to collapse or expand the application

roll up window

With the main interface rolled up you can still access each application via the right-click context-sensitive menu

Added full range tags to H.264 renders! - more info to follow

NEW - Dali Compare - test the quality of your video conversions! Provides SSIM and PSNR metrics

and a side-by-side comparison viewer for scrutinizing color and quality detail

Dali Compare


Comparison Viewer


Also added new H.264 / H.265 options panel for selecting profiles, quality and options to save as .mp4 or .mov format


H264 options panel


September 14, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.4.00 released!

Added fix for improper luma levels rendering of image sequences

Added several bug fixes and issues with the Dali Trimmer module

Added fixes for problems when importing from the Media Browser to the trimmer

Added fix for some codecs rendering improper luma levels

Several miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements

August 28, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.3.03 released!

Added fix for scope reading improper levels when in bypass mode

Now the Dali Convert interface will reset scaling when a new codec is selected - prevents failing jobs after a web preset has been selected

Fixed issue of failing conversions when Burn-in selected with default Arial font

July 18, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.3.02 released!

Removed QuickTime requirement for Dali Convert

July 17, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.3.01 released!

Added blur control to Video Scope adjustment panel

Added fix for missing dependencies causing Dali Convert to crash at startup

Added licensing and trial mode back to Dali Convert

Both new Dali Convert and original Convert V4 license keys are valid

Several bug fixes and UI tweaks

July 9, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.2.01 released!

Added re-designed stand-alone Video Scopes with Adjustment Panel to Main interface

Added ability to open selected clips in Dali Convert or Dali Trimmer directly into the Video Scopes

When opened from Dali Trimmer scopes are ganged to the current working clip

Video Scopes

New Adjustments Panel can make quick color corrections using the Video Scopes as guides

The new Video Scopes can also apply a 3D LUT or Photoshop Curve directly to your clip

Preview your clip with adjustments and LUT applied and aspect ratio correction

Render your clip with LUT or corrections to ProRes, DNxHD/DNxHR, Web mp4 format or image sequence

The 3D LUT Viewer has been replaced by the Video Scopes module

Check out the Dali Video Scopes page for more information and use

New Interface

Dali Main UI

June 30, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.20 released!

Added ability to load photo RAW .dng files directly into Media Browser - double-click opens in Dali Monocle RAW full color correction panel for adjustment!

Added ability to import audio clips directly into the Media Browser - then right-click to open in new

Metadata and Album Art panel - adds metadata and album artwork to your audio clips - saves to .m4a format

Metadata and album art

dng images



June 27, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.13 released!

Added aspect ratio control to 3d LUT Viewer

Added color wheels - shadow, midrange and highlight controls to Dali Monocle RAW Photo module - more control for correcting photo RAW images singly or in batch

Added fix for Media Browser sending to Trimmer exception error

Dali Monocle RAW



June 21, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.12 released!

Added DNxHR HQX and DNxHR444 to codec selection

Added audio track selector for MXF format clips - select tracks to render in Preferences

Added 3D LUT viewer to Dali Convert right-click menu

Added resize and aspect ratio corrections to Dali Monocle RAW Photo module - makes it easy to resize when shooting anamorphic or cropped frame

Added fix for accessing 3D LUT files from drives other than the boot drive

Added fix for QuickTime not installed error on some systems

Dali Monocle RAW



June 14, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.11 released

Added fix for Sony FS7 camera failing conversions with empty data track


June 9, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.10 released

Added new 3D LUT viewer into the Media Browser

Load clips into browser, select a clip and right-click select "Apply 3D LUT"

The LUT viewer can be resized to suite and has a live preview to show the LUT applied to the clip

Drag and drop a clip or new LUT into the bottom of the viewer to change clip or LUT on demand

You can also open multiple viewers at once

Added fix for Media Browser not showing thumbnails (please let me know if you still have this issue!)

Dali's Mustache LUT Viewer

May 24, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.02 released

Added fix for Dali Trimmer not retaining temp directory

Added ability to toggle between setting Constant Quality or Average Bitrate for H.264, H.265 and MP4 HQ conversions in Dali Convert - click the "Constant Quality" label to toggle

May 22, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache version 5.0.01 released

Added fix for misdirected Check For Updates - was pointing to old Convert V4 page

May 19, 2017 - New Dali's Mustache Multimedia Suite released!

Dali's Mustache

Dali's Mustache is an entire suite of software tools designed for high-volume, high-fidelity media conversion. The user interfaces are designed for smooth and logical handling - even when dealing with thousands of source clips and multiple projects

The main interface provides access to the following tools

  • Dali Convert media conversion utility
  • Dali Trimmer - pre-editing utility
  • Dali CRC - archive and renaming utility with CRC checks
  • Dali Monocle - Photo RAW image utility for color and monochrome
  • Dali Sequencer - convert image sequences to video
  • Media Browser - load in all your clips for easier management
  • Dali's Mustache is the replacement for Convert V4 and related tools

    For more information and basic user guide check out the Dali's Mustache Home Page

    There is also a new Bug Reporting blog online - if you find a bug in any of the applications offered please create an account and post your bug report to The Bug Tracker

    May 13, 2017 - New White Dash Pre-editing utility released!

    White Dash Main Interface

    White Dash was designed to make selective cuts in the new Panasonic GH5 6K photo mode and other 4K and beyond video clips before batch conversion - reducing compute time and disk storage needs

    For more information and basic user guide check out the White Dash Home Page

    April 19, 2017 - New Convert V4 version 4.5.11 released - Panasonic GH5 6K update!

    Fixed PNG, DPX and TIFF image sequences overwriting each other

    Now each image sequence will create a new subdirectory using the original clip name

    TIFF images now rendered at 300 DPI for printing

    various bug fixes and performance enhancements

    March 31, 2017 - New Convert V4 version 4.5.10 released!

    Media Browser

    Big Media Browser update!

    NEW! Now the Media Browser is setup to work directly with the V4 Media Pool and the new Cutting Tool

    Added "Send to Media Pool" and "Send to Cutting Tool" menu items

    Changed clip handling - click a thumbnail to select a single clip, or Shift-click to select multiples

    Ctrl-drag-and-drop clips from the Media Browser into the V4 Media Pool, the Cutting Tool Pool or to copy to any file location or into other applications

    Added thumbnail panels with clip duration, file size, resolution and frame rate info

    March 27, 2017 - New Convert V4 version 4.5.01 released - quick maintenance update

    Added fix for clip import issues when GIF selected at startup (with session settings retained)

    No other changes were made in this release

    March 27, 2017 - New Convert V4 version 4.5.00 released! Major Update!


    Major update! Many UI updates and handling optimizations!

    NEW! Use your iPhone, Android or MIDI controlled as an editing control surface!

    More information on the new Cutting Tool page



    Added new module - Lens Correction!

    Correct for wide-angle and fish-eye distortion - or add it!

    lens correction


    Added new module - Fade In and Out!

    Add smooth fade in and out effects to your finished videos with optimizations for web or broadcast applications

    fade in and out


    Added new waveform views to the 5.1 Surround Sound tool



    Updated Media Merge tool UI



    Added fix for OP Atom failures when no project name was entered

    Threads setting now retained if retain option is selected in preferences

    Also added several bug fixes and enhancements

    March 18, 2017 - New im2 Image Processing Utility version 2.3.00 released!


    Added new module - Batch Render Mode!

    Now you can queue up multiple image sequences for fully automated batch processing!

    Use the new directory tool to import directories and subdirectories of the folder selected - im2 will import image sequences as they are located and place each into the Render Queue.


    The new Batch Render Mode does require a license to enable

    Please see the im2 page for downloads and more info and the im2 license request page to purchase

    On sale now for a limited time only! Regular price $19.95 USD - introductory sale price $9.95 USD!

    Also added several bug fixes and enhancements

    March 16, 2017 - New Vscope version 1.2.00 released!


    Updated UI to new V4 look / feel

    Several bug fixes and enhancements

    For more info and downloads check out the im2 Page at the Free Tools Page

    March 16, 2017 - New VizDiff version 2.0.00 released!


    Updated UI to new V4 look / feel

    Several bug fixes and enhancements

    Added ability to view source and comparison clips side-by-side in the scope viewer

    For more info and downloads check out the Free Tools Page

    March 15, 2017 - New Convert V4 version 4.4.00 released!

    Convert V4

    New codec selection "Clip Welder" - join most any media clips together! Fast!

    Works great with spanned clip sets - Clip Welder will join all clips in the Media Pool into a single video, in sequence

    New up / down arrows just beneath the Media Pool will move selected clips up or down in order to change the sequence if needed

    Also works with most any sets of similar clips - i.e. same resolution and frame rate and same container format (.mov, .mts, .mp4, .mxf, etc) Perfect for throwing together a demo reel!

    Clip Welder does require a licensed version of Convert V4 to enable - see here for purchase information

    Also added a fix to SEDL renders possibly producing extra blank frames - now use the Cutting Tool to select cuts from your source clips, render to a high-end codec

    (ProRes STD or DNxHD STD work well), then use the Clip Welder to stitch together a frame-accurate video

    Did I mention that Clip Welder also works with audio clips? It will weld 'em just like video!

    Fixed audio codec issue when 48k 16-bit PCM codec was selected but AAC audio was rendered

    Fixed scaling issue with H.264 conversions being forced to 1920x1080

    Fixed issue with possibly failing MP4 conversions after new install

    Many UI fixes and updates - improved Media Pool handling

    Added Raw Video codec option - creates rawvideo MPEG2 .mpg

    Misc bug fixes and several enhancements

    March 9, 2017 - Updates to Convert V4 and ARC archiving tool!

    Quick View


    Convert V4 version 4.3.00

    Added new Directory Watch Automation - At the top of the Source Info panel is the Directory Watch selector

    Click the red check box to setup the watched directory and to run the watcher. Green means running - red means stopped.

    When media files are copied into the watched directory, Convert V4 will automatically load the new clips into the Media Pool and process them according to the codec and options configured. Once processed by V4 files are then moved into the "processed" directory created inside the watched folder - to indicate they have been converted. Stragglers (behind due to copy timing issues) are then picked up after a short delay and placed back into the Media Pool for conversion.

    Stop the watcher to run normal manual operations.

    Also updated several UI elements and added several UI fixes and enhancements.

    Added a new Speed and Frame Rate Wizard to help make sense of the V4 speed and frame rate features - slow motion, drop frame and resampling. Right-click to engage

    Changed project name behavior - now if the Subdirectory check box is checked and no project name is entered V4 will automatically use the current timestamp as the subdirectory name.

    Misc bug fixes and performance enhancements

    Check out http://hdcinematics.com for downloads

    ARC - Archive, Rename and Catalog Utility


    Version 4.2.00

    Big UI update with many fixes and enhancements

    Added logic for working with Convert V4 Directory Watcher - will work in conjunction with the V4 watcher

    Setup a backup target directory to the V4 watched directory and automate everything from initial disc copy

    to verified backup to converted clips! All with md5sum CRC redundancy checks!

    Both ARC and V4 are setup for cataloging session info into a MyQSL database - details and setup information coming soon!

    Misc bug fixes and enhancements


    All hdcinematics.com applications are provided as-is and have limited support. If you experience problems please send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage. These software applications are not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.