High Fidelity Image Processing

Dali's Mustache

Dali's Mustache Multimedia Suite for Windows


VMac Video Converter for OS X


Common Features

Anamorphic Conversions

Anamorphic shooters can easily correct display aspect ratio while converting to most available codecs,

rescale and adjust aspect ratio with select codecs, or elect to quick-wrap with aspect ratio correction only (using Wrap to MOV)

HEVC H.265 for best compression

Use H.265 conversions to reduce file size and to maintain very high quality

Use HVC1 for playback on Mac High Sierra systems

PTS speed functions

Shooting at a high framerate? Dali Convert and VMac both provide speed / pts functions for super-smooth slow motion

while also providing the ability to change framerates with proper audio rendering

(24-25fps, 24-30fps, 25-24fps, 25-30fps, 30-24fps & 30-25fps)

Works with most formats and conversion codecs (SD, HD & 4K)



Dali Convert and VMac both provide Avid DNxHD and DNxHR

high quality intermediate conversions with timecode and reelname support

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3D LUT Support

Apply a 3D LUT to an entire batch of clips in one easy operation

Click here to download a selection of free LUTS

3D LUT support


On-board video scopes

Dali Convert and VMac both sport a complete set of on-board video scopes

designed for quick checks of source clips while working on-location. Functions included are

  • Waveform Monitor

  • RGB Parade (Dali's Mustache only)

  • RGB & Luma Histograms

  • Vectorscope

The Dali's Mustache Video scopes can be used with most any input format and have been extensively tested for accuracy

scopes Scopes



Clip Welder

Join most any media clips together! Fast! Works great with spanned clip sets

Clip Welder will join all clips in the Media Pool into a single video, in sequence

Technical Details

Both Dali's Mustache and VMac use the industry standard ffmpeg for all video conversions

Conversions have been designed to be the most color and luma level accurate

as possible for the codec and parameters selected

Luma Levels - Full Range (0-255) and Rec 709 (16-235)

Dali Convert and the Dali Video Scopes have been designed to accurately convert

and visually represent Luma range correctly

Dali Convert will automatically correct for full range content while converting



The Dali's Mustace and VMac applications are provided as-is and have limited support

If you experience problems please

send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage

These software applications are not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application


Common Problems

For problems with opening the application or for installation problems and errors

please check here for the most common issues and how to fix them