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FrameCatcher - Render ProRes Directly From Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro


FrameCatcher is a GUI front-end command-line generator for ffmpeg - created to simplify the use of a frameserver to render to non-native codecs (for example rendering ProRes from Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro on Windows) and designed to work easily with AviSynth and a frameserver such as DebugMode FrameServer

FrameCatcher is a lightweight application that can run on most any hardware - requires no license and is free to use for any purpose

Check out the FrameCatcher home page for downloads and more info

Vscope - Versatile and Lightweight


Vscope is a stand-alone version of the video scopes originally included in Convert V4


Simply drag-and-drop a video clip or still image into Vscope to begin, or right-click to select media from Windows Explorer. Once your media has loaded, drag the slider under the preview pane to move through individual frames. Release the mouse to refresh the scopes at the frame selected. NOTE: this is not a live view or a player - but can work with most any media without pre-processing.


Vscope provides a color picker and has options to force Full Range Luma processing and to display an Anamorphic frame

Vscope also works with still images (DPX, TIFF, PNG, etc.)


Right-click to bring up the Audio Waveform panel. If a media clip is loaded into the scopes, the audio is analyzed and the resulting waveform is displayed. You can also drop audio clips onto the Waveform panel for analysis

Audio Scopes


Vscope is a lightweight application that can run on most any hardware - requires no license and is free to use for any purpose

DOWNLOAD Vscope here

VizDiff - See the qality of your conversions


VizDiff is a simple but unique application designed to visually represent the quality of your video conversions. Simply drag-and-drop a source clip into the clip1 panel, then drag-and-drop a video conversion from that clip into the clip2 panel and "compare!"

VizDiff then processes the two clips and creates an A-B mix from both. When you establish a 50/50 mix of any original digital signal with a negative image of the same signal - the resulting visual differences are the errors generated by the conversion encoding. A blank image with no notable visual differences indicates a very high degree of quality and accuracy in the process

Check out the VizDiff home page for downloads and more info


These utilities are provided as-is and have limited support. If you experience problems please send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage. These software applications are not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.