Convert V4 License Key Request


Once you receive payment confirmation from PayPal, be sure that Convert V4 is installed on the computer you wish to license - license keys are non-transferable.

Once installed, start Convert V4 (double-click the desktop icon or use the Windows Start menu) - right-click and select "Enter License Key" from the context menu.

Locate your unique Machine ID as pictured below

(NOTE: your Machine ID will be different)

Scroll down for more...


license dialog


Double-click your Machine Id to select - then right-click, 'copy' and paste below


Enter your email address used for purchase (Verified PayPal email address)


Enter your full name used for PayPal transaction *

* Required fields

License Keys are now generated automatically. Should you not receive your license within a reasonable time please contact

Please be sure to include your PayPal email address and full name when corresponding.


Convert V4 is provided as-is and has limited support. If you experience problems please 

send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage. This software application is not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application.