NEW release version 5.0.11 updated 6/14/2017

Dali's Mustache is offered as Pay What You Want!

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Suggested price $25.00 USD for initial purchase of Dali's Mustache

Suggested price $1.00 USD for updates or upgrade from Convert V4 *

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Dali's Mustache requires no license and is provided as-is with no technical support **

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* Convert V4 users automatically receive one year of Level 2 support free!

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Basic Support

This support level covers Dali's Mustache basic operations and application specific handling issues/questions

Covers Dali Convert, Dali Trimmer, Media Browser, Dali CRC, Dali Monocle RAW and Dali Sequencer modules

Does not cover codec specific support questions nor support for working with external applications

Support is provided via the Level 1 Support System only

$60.00 USD for 1 year subscription

Advanced Support

This support level covers codec support and support for working with other applications including

Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro and DaVinci Resolve

Support is provided via the Level 2 Support System only

Includes Level-1 Basic Support also

$120.00 USD for 1 year subscription

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Support is provided on a best-effort basis and is limited to the capabilities of the software

Support is not guaranteed to provide a solution

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There will be no refunds for support subscriptions!

** If you email directly with a support question, you're likely to be ignored. This doesn't mean that I don't want to help you out, on the contrary, I very much want to see you succeed in using Dali's Mustache - this is exactly why I created this support platform In this way you can be sure to get the most detailed and rapid response possible

Please use the hdcinematics support system for all inquiries