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Dali Convert is designed to work with ARC to provide a fully automated workflow!

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Directory Watch Mode

Directory Watch

At the top right side of the Source Info panel is the Directory Watch selector

Click the red checkbox or the binocular icon to setup the watched directory and to run the watcher. Green means running - red means stopped

The watch directory setup is stored with the Preferences and can be changed from the Preferences dialog or drectly from the main interface

When media files are copied into the selected watched directory, Dali Convert will automatically load the new clips into the Media Pool and process them according to the codec and options configured. Once processed by V4 files are then moved into the "processed" directory created inside the watched folder - to indicate they have been converted. Stragglers (behind due to copy timing issues) are then picked up after a short delay and placed back into the Media Pool for conversion.

Stop the watcher to return to normal manual operations.