Dali Video Scopes with Adjustment Controls - Versatile and Lightweight Stand-alone Application Included in the Dali's Mustache Multimedia Suite


Simply drag-and-drop a video clip or still image into the Video Scopes to begin, or right-click to select media from Windows Explorer. Once your media has loaded, drag the slider under the preview pane to move through individual frames. Release the mouse to refresh the scopes at the frame selected. NOTE: this is not a live view or a player - but can work with most any media without pre-processing.


Dali Video Scopes provides a color picker and has options to force Full Range Luma processing

and to display an Anamorphic frame

Adjustment Controls - Tweak and Render

Adjustment Panel

Adjustment Panel Icon

Click the Apply 3D LUT Icon to load either a 3d LUT or a Photoshop Curve to the current clip

Double-click the "Apply 3D LUT" label to unload LUT and reset to original image


Adjustment Panel Icon

Click the Adjustments Panel Icon to open and close the panel

Use the controls to make color corrections to your clip while changes are reflected in the scopes and viewer


Preview Icon

Click the Preview Icon to preview your clip with the corrections applied


Render Panel

Select a render codec and extra parameters from the drop-down lists as well as a rescale factor (if needed)

Click the Render button to render a new video with LUT and/or corrections applied


selected control

Mouse over each correction wheel and use the mouse wheel for fine adjustments.

Each control will glow orange when selected.

Works well with touch control also!


Audio Waveform

Right-click to bring up the Audio Waveform panel. If a media clip is loaded into the scopes, the audio is analyzed and the resulting waveform is displayed. You can also drop audio clips onto the Waveform panel for analysis


Audio Scopes


Dali Scopes can also be called directly from Dali Trimmer and Dali Convert

When running with Dali Trimmer scopes are ganged to the clip viewer


Dali Video Scopes are a lightweight application that can run on most any hardware

Dali Video Scopes also work with still images (DPX, TIFF, PNG, etc.)