Convert V4 was designed to enhance Avid workflows.


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OP Atom Encoding

Convert V4 can encode most any input format to OP Atom format for direct ingest into Media Composer. 4K clips are automatically scaled to 1920x1080 when using OP Atom, 4K DownScale OP Atom and 4K DownScale DNxHD options.

OP Atom is a fast conversion - maintains high-quality while keeping file sizes tiny. OP Atom is directly supported by Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve as well as Avid systems. Makes an excellent DI when working in Resolve!


For more information on how to work with Convert V4 and OP Atom with Avid Media Composer click here


DNxHD Encoding

Convert V4 provides fast conversions to Avid DNxHD format in resolutions up to 1920x1080. Conversions can be AMA linked directly into Media Composer.

OP1a DNxHD & XDCAM Encoding

Convert V4 now creates fully compliant MPEG OP1a MXF format files in both XDCAM and DNxHD flavors. Makes for high-quality, easy-editing clips that can be AMA linked.

OP Atom MXF In Option

Convert V4 will super-fast wrap your XDCAM MXF clips to OP Atom with proper timecode, tape and project names when using OP Atom conversions along with the MXF In option selected.

Wrap to MOV Timecode and Tape Name

Use the Wrap to MOV feature with the ffmbc option to wrap clips for AMA linking to Media Composer - with timecode and tape name.


Re-Stripe Timecode in Batches

Use the V4 "set TC" button to set a starting timecode for clips in the media pool and V4 will automatically calculate the offset for each clip - and properly apply the new timecode to each clip. You can also elect to zero all timecodes.



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Professional Formats Support

Multiple Source Format Support


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For ProRes 4444XQ Users

Convert V4 can now replace the ProRes 4444XQ ap4x tag with Fourcc ap4h tag for playback of XQ files on Windows systems. Use the Wrap to MOV codec selection with the option ap4h selected. Only works with ProRes 4444XQ clips.


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For Sony XAVC Users

Convert V4 fully supports XAVC with most 4K-capable output codecs. Use Wrap to MOV with XAVC .mp4 clips for use in DaVinci Resolve and other pro applications.


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For HEVC 4K Users

Convert V4 includes conversions designed to work with newer 4K formats including HEVC H.265. V4 also supports encoding to HEVC H.265 for high-quality in a compact file size.

MPEG MXF, DNxHD and OP Atom conversions will scale clips to 1920x1080.


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Special Functions

Anamorphic Lenses and Aspect Ratio

When shooting with 1.33x anamorphic adapters such as
the SLR Magic Anamorphot, use the Convert V4 Aspect Ratio function (set to 2.35:1) to correct the aspect of the clip as it is being converted. You can also elect to rescale the conversion output size to the corrected aspect ratio. For example,UHD 3840x2160 becomes 5076x2160 and 1920x1080 becomes 2538x1080.


anamorphic lens


When using a 2x anamorphic adapter and setting 4K Photo mode to 4:3,
use the 2.39:1 aspect ratio correction to re size your image properly.


Luma Range 16-235 & 0-255

Convert V4 includes selections for Rec 709 broadcast range (16-235)
or full range (0-255) luminance levels to match the levels used while recording with cameras such as the Panasonic GH4.

Be sure to select the correct range to ensure accurate colors and luminance range. The best practice is to use 16-235 settings to take advantage of standard tools and workflows. It will also make your job much more straight-forward when working with multiple applications and after multiple render passes.


rec 709


PTS Speed Functions for Smooth Slow Motion

The GH4 shoots nice 96fps in Variable Framerate mode, but
you can also get excellent slow motion from shooting in NTSC mode at
59.94fps in All-Intra mode (200Mbps).


4K DownScale for 1080P HD Delivery

Downscaling 4K media with normal scaling algorithms can cause
several problems including aliasing and artifacts. Use the
Convert V4 4K DownScale to ensure the best quality conversions
by utilizing separate luma and chroma scaling. You can also output
true 4:4:4 ProRes from 4K 4:2:0 sources. Based on the approach
pioneered by forum members at, output remains
crisp and clean and free from aliasing.


BluRay and AVCHD DIsc Creation

Use Convert V4 to create AVCHD or Blu-Ray disc directory structures to burn your completed project to Blu-Ray disc, or burn to standard DVD-R for use with Blu-Ray players. Excellent for demos! Convert V4 handles all muxing.


Framerate Conversion

Use Convert V4 to conform framerates from 24fps-25fps, 24fps-30fps, 25-30fps, 30fps-25fps, 30fps-24fps, and 25fps-24fps while maintaining the audio track using the PTS function "framerate with audio".