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Dali Convert is designed to enhance Avid workflows


OP Atom Encoding

Dali Convert will encode most any input format to OP Atom format for direct ingest into Media Composer. 4K clips are automatically scaled to 1920x1080 when using OP Atom, 4K DownScale OP Atom and 4K DownScale DNxHD options.

OP Atom is a fast conversion and maintains high-quality while keeping file sizes tiny and is directly supported by Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and DaVinci Resolve as well as Avid systems. Makes for highly optimized media when working with Resolve!

To begin, open Dali Convert and import the media to be converted to OP Atom, then select the desired OP Atom flavor from the drop-down list


DNxHD & XDCAM Encoding

Dali Convert provides both DNxHD 220/185/175M and XDCAM 50M OP Atom flavors as well as a fast wrap of existing OP1a XDCAM clips to OP Atom (see below for more info). Select OP Atom DNxHD or OP Atom XDCAM for converting all other formats. You can add a 3d LUT or Photoshop curve to the conversion if desired

If you set the Dali Convert Output Directory to an Avid MediaFiles/MXF directory, then set the Subdirectory name to a number, your converted clips will be immediately available to work with once the conversions complete


First, navigate to your Avid MediaFiles/MXF directory to see what folders already exist

Avide Media Directory


Then setup your Dali Convert Project Name to the next number available

V4 setup


Then - "Render Batch!"

Once the conversions are complete, your new Avid MediaFiles/MXF/<number> directory will contain separate _v1.mxf, _a1.mxf, _a2.mxf, etc, files (dependent upon number of audio tracks in the master clip) for each converted clip

Open Media Composer to your working project and working bins. You should see it scan the MediaFiles to update it's database. When ready, open your newly-populated numbered Avid MediaFiles/MXF directory and locate the msmMMOB.mdb file - then simply drag it right into your working bin


new db files


You should now have all your new OP Atom clips synced and arranged as single master clips - ready to slice & dice!


new clips


OP1a Wrap To Atom

Dali Convert will super-fast wrap your existing XDCAM MXF clips to OP Atom with proper timecode, tape and project names when using OP Atom conversions along with the OP1a Wrap To Atom option selected.

Wrap to MOV Timecode and Tape Name

Use the Wrap to MOV feature with the ffmbc option to wrap clips for AMA linking to Media Composer - with timecode and tape name.

Re-Stripe Timecode in Batches

Use the V4 "set TC" button to set a starting timecode for clips in the media pool and V4 will automatically calculate the offset for each clip - and properly apply the new timecode to each clip. You can also elect to zero all timecodes.


set TC


OP Atom Plays Well With Others...

The OP Atom format is supported by most major NLE and Color Grading applications such as

Adobe Premiere ProPremiere ProSony Vegas ProVegas Pro LogoDaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve logo

OP Atom Limitations

OP Atom conversions are geared toward HD production and are limited to a maximum resolution of 1920x1080. Dali Convert will automatically scale your UHD and DCI clips to 1080p.

OP Atom XDCAM is also limited to 23.98 fps (rather than 24fps) and will convert 24fps clips to 23.976fps automatically. For 24fps OP atom please use DNxHD.

The maximum frame rate for OP Atom conversions is currently 30fps progressive. 50fps clips are automatically converted to 25fps and 60fps clips are automatically converted to 30fps.