Dali Sequencer Interface

Dali Sequencer was designed to make handling image sequence conversions simple and straightforward


Dali Sequencer currently supports TIFF, EXR, DPX and PNG image sequences and renders

H.264, H.265, ProRes, MP4, QT RLE, MJPEG and DNxHD formats with similar render options as Dali Convert

The Dali Sequencer GUI is based on the Dali Convert interface so use remains familiar between applications


New features in Dali Sequencer image sequence processing include the ability to apply 3d LUTs, set unique timecode, burn-in timecode, set aspect ratio, and also provides an image info panel that shows color histograms, Exif information and includes a color picker for RGB or HSL values Simply double-click on any filename in the Dali Sequencer Media Pool to bring up the info panel


Dali Sequencer Interface



Batch Mode Render Module! Queue up multiple image sequences for rendering with separate output folders

Each video rendered will inherit the original image sequence file name



Image Sequence directories are selected by the directory tool. Use the directory tree view to navigate, then double-click an image sequence folder to add to the render queue - or select a directory to import all image subdirectories below

Dali Sequencer will only import directories with image sequences



Dali Sequencer will iterate through the directories loaded into the Batch Render Queue, loading each sequence into the Media Pool

Each rendered video will be placed in a unique directory name (based on current time) and will inherit the file name of the original image sequence


As each sequence is added to the Media Pool, the directory panel will be removed from the queue until all jobs are completed.

The Batch Render Queue window then closes to indicate the batch is complete


Dali Sequencer is part of the Dali's Mustache tool set and support is subscription based

For support information and Dali's Mustache downloads, see the Dali Support page

NOTICE: The features and functions of this software application are subject to change without notice



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