For the highest quality images from your RAW photos

Monocle is a simple but unique application that can render super-high quality monochrome or color tiff images from your RAW color originals. The monochrome mode effectively uses all of the luma-sensitive pixels from your camera sensor to give you image quality as not otherwise possible. The results can easily rival images from the best monochrome cameras.


Monocle UI


How monochrome mode works

Dali Monocle monochrome mode is fast - it has no need to demosaic or interpolate so rendering time is minimal. 4K .dng source frames render at approximately 2 per second on an average computer system. For most images, no further image adjustments are required as the rendered images are far less sensitive to exposure problems. Dali Monocle can take average color images and turn them into monochrome works of art!


Color Mode

Click the Color button to shift to full color mode. You can choose to render with 8 or 16-bit depth tiff images at full or half-size using dcRAW processing. Included is auto wb for white balance control or arbitrary white balance using neutral gray, auto exposure or manual, RGGB interpolation or standard, manual denoise setting, and choice of RAW colorspace RAW - sRGB - Pro Photo - Adobe 1998 - XYZ - Wide Gamut

"Go Mono!" will also Go Color! Press it to begin a batch process with default color settings or

double-click on an image in the media pool to bring up the Color Correction window for advanced color control






Dali Monocle does all image processing on-the-fly utilizing command-line tools such as the amazing dcraw application and dng_validate to do all of the image processing and never modifies original source material at any time


Dali Trimmer is part of the Dali's Mustache tool set and support is subscription based

For support information and Dali's Mustache downloads, see the Dali Support page

NOTICE: The features and functions of this software application are subject to change without notice



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