The Media Browser was designed to help locate and instantly work with audio, video and photo RAW imagesBrowser UI

Use the mouse wheel or the up / down arrows to scroll the thumbnail panel up and down


Locating Media - Import With Subdirectories

Search feature


Right-click to access the main menu

Main Menu

Use "Import With Subdirectories" to scan all directories below the folder selected for media

When importing subdirectories, select the file types you want to include in the search using the

Subdirectory Import Search Filter (shown above) which appears when subdirectory import is selected


You may choose to import individual files using "Import Media" including video and audio formats

Audio formats can be auditioned from the media browser as well as creating an m4a audio with embedded metadata and artwork


You may also load media files by directory using "Import Directory"


Selecting Media

selected clip


Click a thumbnail to select a single clip, or Shift-click to select multiples - the selected clip frame turns red

Ctrl-drag selected clips from Media Browser to copy clips to a new location (folder, application import, Desktop)

Click between thumbnails to deselect or right-click select Deselect All

Double-clicking an image, video or audio clip will play the file in a separate window

When a single clip is selected, right-click to access the Media Menu


Video or Audio Selected

Select "Send to Media Pool" or "Send to Cutting Tool" to load your clips into the selected tool

You may also use the icons at the bottom of the browser window to send to Dali Convert and Dali Trimmer



Video or Image Selected

Select "Send to Video Scopes" to open a new session for analysis or color correction with selected clip

Video Scopes


Image File Selected

Select "Metadata and Artwork" to show the metadata panel

Here you can create an .m4a format audio clip with embedded metadata and album art

Optimal artwork size is 600x600 .tif, .png or .jpg

Metadata and Artwork


Import DNG Photo RAW

Select this option for loading photo RAW (.dng) image files into the browser

Once loaded, double-click a thumbnail to open the photo RAW corrections panel

Photo RAW module


Use the controls to slowly adjust your image - large images may take a moment to refresh on systems with limited resources - patience will pay off in delivering a very high quality image!


You can also load a 3D LUT or Photoshop Curve into your image by clicking the 3D LUT Icon at the bottom


Click the "Grab Image" icon to save the corrected image to a new file


An added benefit of the Media Browser is the ability to select and work with clips while thumbnails are loading This way you can load in hundreds of clips and start working with them before the Media Panel populates

The Media Browser was designed to work directly with the Dali Convert Media Pool and the Dali Trimmer Tool


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