Dali CRC Interface

Archive your valuable data to multiple destinations with CRC Redundancy Checks

Rename files for easier tracking over time with multiple naming options

Dali CRC is a simple application designed to streamline file / disc copy and backup operations while providing a high level of confidence that data is replicated without errors. Dali CRC was geared toward media files and DIT on-location needs, but will work with any file set or disc backup.

Dali CRC provides a Media Pool for drag-and-drop or importing clips / files directly for archiving. Media clips in the Media Pool will show a thumbnail image, timecode info, and basic clip parameters in the Source Media panel. Right-click on a media clip to show Exif info or extended clip info data.



Video clip thumbnails and histograms will display in the Source Media panel along with basic clip info such as resolution, frame rate, duration, number of frames, etc.

Dali CRC also provides a direct disc archiving mode for complete disc copies. Dali CRC will automatically show active disc drives in the drive selector panel, and automatically refreshes if a drive is added or removed. Simply click on the target drive icon to bring up the Disk Backup dialog.

Drive Selector Panel and Disc Backup Dialog

Initial Setup

When Dali CRC first opens, the Initial Copy Directory panel is visible under Backup Options. This directory will be where all original source files are copied to - and once the first copy is complete, this directory will become the source for all additional backups. Dali CRC will remember this location for future sessions


Subdirectory Format

Click the box under "Subdirectory Format" to select from the drop-down list of date formats to be used as a subdirectory of the copy or backup destinations setup in each backup destination panel. The subdirectory will be created from the current time and date - dictated by the format selected. Un-check the check box beside the Subdirectory Format selector if you prefer that no subdirectory is created.

Multiple Copies

If you need to copy data to multiple locations, once the Initial Copy Destination is setup you can add new backup destinations with the Add Backup Destination button. For each new destination target a new Backup Destination panel will appear. If more than 2 additional backup destination panels are added, use the up-down scroll arrow to move backup destination panels up or down for adding or removing directory targets or viewing target disc space.



Ready to Run!

Once you have setup your source files or disc and setup your copy and backup destinations, you are ready to run either Backup Files or Backup Disc.

Once the Initial Copy and CRC checks are complete, removable discs can be safely removed for re-use.


If logged in to a MySQL database, click the note icon at the top right of the Backup Options panel to add notes, date, time or location info to help track job particulars.

File Renaming

Click the Rename icon at the top right of the Backup Options panel to open the Renaming Options Panel


Check Drop Filename to totally rename your clips and remove the original filename. If not checked the original filename will be added to by subsequent naming options


Use Add Timestamp and the drop-down to choose a Timestamp Format to use as the filename - Dali CRC will use the file creation time for each clip as the basis for the new filenames


Use Simple Reseq to set a new numbered sequence starting at the number you enter - NOTE: Number sequences cannot begin with zero


Use Add Prefix to add a custom prefix to existing filenames or timestamp / number sequences with dropped filenames for better filename clarity

Other Stuff...

While Dali CRC runs, status information is displayed in several places.

Each Backup Destination panel will update disc space used in realtime.

As jobs run, destination panels will move upward to show the currently running backup

Disc file copy info will display at the bottom of the Disc Backup dialog

File copy and CRC status is displayed at the very bottom of the user interface



Dali CRC is part of the Dali's Mustache tool set and support is subscription based

For support information and Dali's Mustache downloads, see the Dali Support page

NOTICE: The features and functions of this software application are subject to change without notice



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