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Dali's Mustache main interface

Dali's Mustache is an entire suite of software tools designed for high-volume, high-fidelity media conversion. The user interfaces are designed for smooth and logical handling - even when dealing with thousands of source clips and multiple projects


The main interface provides access to the following tools

  • Dali Convert media conversion utility
  • Dali Trimmer - pre-editing utility
  • Dali CRC - archive and renaming utility with CRC checks
  • Dali Monocle - Photo RAW image utility for color and monochrome
  • Dali Sequencer - convert image sequences to video
  • Media Browser - load in all your clips for easier management
  • Video Scopes with Adjustment Controls - Vectorscope, RGB Parade, Waveform Monitor and Histograms

  • While Dali's Mustache was designed originally for converting video formats, it is also well-versed in audio conversions, image sequence conversions, archiving and file renaming, Photo RAW image processing - plus comes complete with Waveform, RGB Parade, Vectorscope and Histogram scopes (in Dali Trimmer) for detailed analyses of on-location video


    Dali Convert now includes the new Clip Welder codec selection that will merge together all clips in the Media Pool into one video clip. Works great with the SEDL functions of the Dali Trimmer - or for joining clips together quickly for a demo reel. Use also to rejoin spanned clips and works with most any format or resolution


    Also included are tools for anamorphic shooters, LOG color, cropping and re-scaling, apply 3d LUTs and PhotoShop curves, audio conversions and re-sampling, 5.1 surround sound, and Media Merge tool

    Use the new Dali Convert Directory Watch Mode with Dali CRC for automating your conversions from end-to-end

    Dali Trimmer is a pre-edit utility designed to make selective cuts in your videos in order to save render time and disc space. Dali Trimmer can also be controlled by iPad or MIDI controller and can export standard EDL or SEDL files for use in most pro NLE applications - or import into Dali Convert for conversion

    Dali CRC was designed for complete disc copies or for selective backup of files. It has an unlimited number of backup targets and all copies are verified by industry standard CRC redundancy checks

    "Smart offload" will change the source of additional backups to the Initial Copy Directory so the original media can be freed up for immediate use after backup. It also contains an advanced file renaming utility

    Dali Monocle Photo RAW and Retro Monochrome Utility can work with Color RAW images even on systems with limited resources. Color processing is handled by the awesome DCRaw and can be batch processed. The monochrome mode uses a special processing which provides the best possible back-and-white images from your color RAW originals

    Dali Monocle also provides a thumbnail mode for fast sxtraction of lower resolution thumbnail for quick review

    Dali Sequencer Image Sequence To Video Currently supports TIFF, EXR, DPX and PNG image sequences and renders H.264, H.265, ProRes, MP4 HQ, QT RLE, MJPEG, DNxHD and OP Atom video formats with similar options as Dali Convert and video conversions and also sports a batch conversion mode for multiple sequences


    New features in Dali Sequencer processing include the ability to apply 3d LUTs, set unique timecode, burn-in timecode, set aspect ratio, and also provides an image info panel that shows color histograms, Exif information and includes a color picker for RGB or HSL values. Simply double-click on any filename in the Dali Sequencer Media Pool to bring up the info panel


    All of the tools included in Dali's Mustache are designed for Windows systems only and require modest resources - however systems with fast disc, CPU and RAM will perform better


    Dali's Mustache support is subscription based

    For support information and Dali's Mustache downloads, see the Dali Support page

    NOTICE: The features and functions of this software application are subject to change without notice



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