Convert V4 Features

Convert V4 Media Conversion Utility for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Systems


Anamorphic Conversions

Anamorphic shooters can easily correct display aspect ratio while converting to most available codecs, rescale and adjust aspect ratio with select codecs, or elect to quick-wrap with aspect ratio correction only (using Wrap to MOV)

4K 4:4:4 DownScale

Scale down 4K and HD footage to half-size ProRes 4:4:4 or DNxHD 4:2:2 with the highest possible quality. V4 uses separate luma and chroma scaling to eliminate aliasing and artifacts associated with standard scaling algorithms. Apply a correction LUT or curve while downscaling, select the input luma range (for GH4 or Canon cameras), burn-in timecode, correct aspect ratio for anamorphic shots or crop to cinematic frame size

HEVC H.265 for optimized playback

Use the H.265 conversions with your 4K clips to make them easy to play on almost any PC, reduce file size and to maintain very high quality

MPEG MXF - high quality, easy playback, now compliant mxf OP1a format

Try the MPEG MXF conversions for moderate file sizes, very high quality and easy 4K playback in most applications

PTS speed functions

Shooting at a high framerate? Convert V4 provides speed / pts functions for super-smooth slow motion. Convert V4 also provides the ability to change framerates with proper audio rendering (24-25fps, 24-30fps, 25-24fps, 25-30fps, 30-24fps & 30-25fps). Works with most formats and conversion codecs (SD, HD & 4K)




Excellent conversions for Avid, DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro - OP Atom!

For Avid users Convert V4 provides automated conversions to native OP Atom formats. Each conversion will contain a video file with accompanying audio files for each channel of original audio. These can be ingested directly into Avid simply by refreshing the database once files are in the proper location

Convert V4 also provide super-fast wraps for converting existing .MXF format files to OP Atom for direct ingest into Avid

Avid DB



Convert V4 provides Avid DNxHD and DNxHR high quality intermediate conversions with timecode and reelname support for most HD formats up to 1920x1080. Conversion times are fast and output files are compatible with most pro NLE applications. Most software players can handle DNxHD easily too

DNxHD Logo


3D LUT Support

Apply a 3D LUT to an entire batch of clips in one easy operation. Click here to download a selection of free LUTS

3D LUT support



On Location


On-board video scopes

Convert V4 sports a complete set of on-board video scopes designed for quick checks of source clips while

working on-location. Functions included are

  • Waveform Monitor

  • RGB Parade

  • RGB & Luma Histograms

  • Vectorscope

A color picker function is also included to provide RGB and HSL information for pixels currently under the cursor

The V4 Video scopes can be used with most any input format and have been extensively tested for accuracy

scopes UI


Timecode Tools

The Convert V4 timecode tools provide an easy way to re-assign timecode to your clips. The timecode tool will automatically calculate timecode for each clip in the media pool in perfect timecode sequence. You may also set your own timecode for each clip by typing the values right into the startTC timecode fields. V4 automatically calculates the total number of frames and the end timecode for reference

Add a running timecode display to your intermediate conversions with a single-click of the burn TC button. V4 will use existing clip timecode if present or will derive timecode from the file creation timestamp. You may also elect to zero the timecode for each conversion. Available with select codecs



audio features


5.1 channels from stereo

Convert V4 will create 5.1 Dolby Digital or DTS audio from your stereo audio by generating 6 discreet audio channels quickly and easily. Each channel is optimized and equalized for 5.1 surround sound including rear channel delay, center channel voice equalization and LFE subwoofer frequencies isolated for true surround sound. Add an extra level of professionalism to your next project! You can playback your surround files with most DVD or BluRay player applications. Windows Media Player may also be configured for 5.1 playback


5.1 from 6 mono channels

Use the 6 discreet channels created from your stereo source by Convert V4, or 6 channels from your audio DAW application to create a single AC3, DTS or WAV 5.1 surround sound file

5.1 panel


Audio Converter

Now use Convert V4 main interface to directly import and convert your audio clips to the output format of your choice. Currently supports wav, aac, and alac lossless formats. Simply import your audio clips into the media pool, select "Audio Only" from the codec selections and choose am audio codec from the drop-down selection. No additional module required. Also batch creates 6 channel 5.1 surround files from your stereo source

Media Merge Tool

Use the Audio Format Converter or the Surround Tool to create a properly trimmed audio track for your project with fade-in and fade-out, then add that audio track to your video clip using the Video / Audio merge Tool. The interface provides duration info for both video and audio inputs to easily spot length mismatches

audio video merge



Use the Stabilizer tool to help smooth out shaky handheld videos - works with most input formats. The default settings are good for most cases



Directory Watch Mode - NEW!

Setup fully automated conversions with the new Directory Watch Tool



NEW! New codec selection "Clip Welder" - join most any media clips together! Fast! Works great with spanned clip sets - Clip Welder will join all clips in the Media Pool into a single video, in sequence New up / down arrows just beneath the Media Pool will move selected clips up or down in order to change the sequence if needed


clip welder



Wndows logo

Convert V4 is designed to run on 32 or 64-bit Windows operating systems!

The Convert V4 application is provided as-is and has limited support. If you experience problems please

send a detailed e-mail describing the problem and your usage

The software applications is not covered by any warranty nor guaranteed to work for your application

Trouble Downloading?

I have had considerable trouble finding reliable download servers and am investigating possible alternatives. Please be patient, and if you cannot get a working download drop an email to


Common Problems

For problems with opening the application or for installation problems and errors, please check here for the most common problems and how to fix them


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Features Summary

  • New Directory Watch Mode for complete conversion automation

  • New Clip Welder codec selection - join clips in the Media Pool into single video!

  • New stabilizer module - stabilize shaky footage automatically!

  • New - DNxHR HQ, SQ & LB support (currently 8-bit only)

  • New - V4 Cutting Tool to pre-select portions of clips for conversion

  • High-speed Wrap to MOV works with XAVC clips as with V4 conversion codecs

  • New - MPEG MXF produces compatible XDCAM OP1a MXF (HD only)

  • New - MPEG4 HQ MP4 high quality, smaller file size - great quality!

  • New OP Atom works directly with Avid, Resolve and Premiere Pro CC

  • Scopes update with ability to grab TIFF frames for use in building Photoshop curves

  • New support for applying Photoshop curves as well as 3d LUTs for color corrections

  • New auto-cropping for a more cinematic frame size

  • Burn-in font and font size now adjustable

  • 4K DownScale now supports LUT and Curve application

  • Wrap to MOV with aspect ratio correction for anamorphic shooters

  • Wrap to MOV now supports PCM audio encoding in quick wraps

  • New timecode restripe function - replace timecode in clips by setting start point

  • New wrap to Matroska .MKV

  • New Strip Audio Only function - provides AAC, ALAC or PCM audio from original clip

  • Animated GIF support

  • Updated UI for Windows 10 - version 4 adds new UI updates for consistency

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements