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Creating Surround Sound From Stereo Source

Dali Convert will create 5.1 Surround Sound wav or DTS audio from your stereo audio by first generating 6 discreet audio channels, then assembling those 6 channels into 5.1 AC3, DTS or WAV Surround Sound audio file with proper Left Front, Center, Right Front, Subwoofer, Left and Right Rear channels. Each channel is optimised and equalized for 5.1 surround sound including rear channel delay, center channel voice equilization and lfe subwoofer frequencies isolated for true surround sound

To begin, select your media and load into the Dali Convert Media Pool. Make sure the codec selection is set to Audio Only. Enter a project name to be used as a subdirectory - this subdirectory will contain the 6 mono channel .wav files that Dali Convert will create. Now you are ready to 'Render Batch!'

Once the process completes you will have the following new files in the selected output directory - lf.wav, center.wav, rf.wav (for left, center and right front channels), lfe.wav (for the subwoofer channel), lr.wav & rr.wav for the rear channels


5.1 from 6 mono channels

Right-click in the main Dali Convert interface and select "5.1 Audio Tool"

If not already selected, click the 'mode switch' button until it shows "5.1" (see figure 2). If you have just finished creating 6 mono channels from a stereo source, the input directory is already set to the location you saved your files to. The easiest way to load files into the tool is by clicking on each speaker icon (in the right-hand panel) and selecting the file of the same name - you will see the filenames populate the source fields as shown in figure 2. Be sure to maintain the proper order - lf, rf, center, lfe, lr & rr as other configurations will not work properly

Once your mono channels are loaded, click 'Render Audio' to display the file save dialog and create a surround-sound audio file. You can select .ac3, .wav or .dts with the buttons located under the icon panel


File Info and Preview

You can get file information for any audio clip loaded by clicking the 'i' icon next to an input file field. Preview the clip by clicking on the speaker icon


Audio Converter

Use the AC3 mode to transcode your audio clips to the surround format of your choice. You may also elect to trim the audio file length, add fade-in, fade-out and change the frequency and bitrate. Supports WAV, AC3, and DTS audio formats


Media Merge Tool

Use the Surround Tool to create a properly trimmed audio track for your project with fade-in and fade-out, then add that audio track to your video clip using the Media Merge Tool. The interface provides duration info for both video and audio inputs to easily spot length mis-matches




figure 1


5.1 panel
figure 2



audio video merge